Who is on your site?


IISreporter was created by Jim Becher to make life easier when administrating IIS servers.

“One day I had to update 8 of our IIS servers with a hot fix. I remote connected to each machine and had to manually run the hot fix. Before running the fix I wanted a simple way to check how may people were are the current web server. Instead of going to performance monitor / then adding the current users I decided to create a little application that would show me who was connected. And IIS Reporter was born”

Over time it has migrated from “gotdotnet.com” to sourceforge and now being closed source. I will still send out the old version of source to anyone who is interested. I will continue to have a free version.

Currently I am working on 2 versions. One is a lightweight web based version that shows statistics for just the server. It also has a web service available to consume. The second version dubbed the IISreporter “comander” will allow you to monitor multiple servers in clusters. Showing the total users for a cluster.

You can reach me at [email protected] Information about me can be found on linkedin or on twitter.
IISReporter a real-time IIS monitor for displaying current connected users and anonymous users. It is currently released as an open source code to be modified and used at your discression. Please feel free to submit suggestions and ideas for changes.

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